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Abel Tasman National Park

Covers 22,541 ha of bush country along the shores of Tasman Bay in Nelson, including offshore islands and hundreds of bays and beaches along the broken coastline.

The smallest of the country's 13 national parks, it was opened in December 1942, the 300th anniversary of the visit to Tasman Bay of Dutch explorer, Abel Janzoon Tasman, the first European to visit NZ.

Botanically the park is of special interest because its bush is a blend of the natural cover of both the North and South Islands, a rare if not unique phenomenon.

Gecko Guide Comments:

A park for people of all ages, with coastal walking and tramping, fishing, sailing, sea kayaking, (an activity I recommend) and inland tracks and caves (experienced cavers only). The coast track, an easy walk which takes 3-5 days to complete offers spectacular scenery both forest and shoreline.

There are excellent camping sites secluded away in the bush or if you prefer, cabins with fresh water, cooking facilities and bunks. The best time to visit is during the summer months November- March.

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