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**Specialising in outdoor wilderness experiences**

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We offer a selection of standard tours to suit people of all ages and interests

If you have a day free and would like to escape from the structured constraints of city life, work and time schedules and wish to experience a tour designed to relax and stimulate the mind and body then consider these:

Day Away "Artist Inspiration"

The shapes, forms and textures found in the new Zealand natural environment can bring a new dimension to the creative imagination. Our Artist Inspiration tours are designed to stimulate creativitity. During these tours we endeavour to travel through a variety of landscapes with plenty of time allowed to experience the moods and spirit of nature. Participants are invited to bring with them a camera and sketch pad to capture this beauty as a basis for their future art works.

Day Away "Taranaki"

We will take you to explore the lush native forests found on Mount Taranaki and learn about the history and culture only found in this region.

Day Away "Te Papa"

Travel to Wellington to visit Te Papa (The museum of New Zealand) Learn about the history, fauna and flora that makes New Zealand unique.

If you want a longer tour have a look at our Weekend Away or Week Away tours.

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